About MagneMotion

Company Overview

MagneMotion provides assembly and process automation, material handling, and transportation solutions based on our advanced electro-magnetic technology and controls. At the core of MagneMotion's products and services is a new generation of Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) technology that provides significantly higher performance than conventional transportation and factory automation systems. The company's success comes from a problem-solving approach and years of research focused on creating optimal solutions to address current and emerging market needs. MagneMotion has proven to be the front-runner in providing innovative and cost-effective linear motor solutions sought by industry leaders in the manufacturing and transportation sectors, by major OEMs and by government agencies such as the DOT, DOE, DOD, and NASA.

Mission Statement

MagneMotion’s mission is to become the world leader in the development and deployment of electro-magnetic systems, specifically  LSM and maglev technology, for the transport of goods and people. Our record of success indicates that we are well on our way to achieving our mission.

About MagneMotion
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