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Elevators and Lifts

MagneMotion’s engineering and Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) design expertise enables the development of LSM-based elevator systems that eliminate the need for counterweights, cables, and pulley systems, requiring less space due to the direct drive design. MagneMotion’s LSM-driven elevator designs are fast, safe, and efficient, bearing loads over 20 tons, and achieve higher efficiency and throughput than conventional systems. Applications include freight elevators; high-rise people-movers; industrial, residential, and commercial elevators; and weapons and aircraft elevators developed for the US Navy.

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Key Features and Advantages

• Fail safe breaking
• Increased motor efficiency
• LSM propulsion allows for a dual-cab elevator with horizontal switching
• Cabs move independently for flexible scheduling
• Cost effective

MagneMotion’s LSM Technology for DoD/Naval Applications

MagneMotion, partnering with Federal Equipment Company (FEC), has developed an Automated Weapons Elevator (AWE) for the U.S. Navy’s new CVN-78 aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford. Using MagneMotion's ground breaking Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) technology, the two companies provided the Navy with elevator systems free of counterweights, cables and pulleys that can carry 24,000 lbs of ordnance safely and efficiently while requiring less maintenance than traditional elevators. The CVN-78 is due to be launched out of dry dock in 2015.


Mining and Heavy Materials Handling

MagneMotion has completed a feasibility study and proof of concept demonstration system to explore the viability of using Linear Synchronous Motor  technology to haul ore out of an open pit mine. The goal of the study was to create a conveyance system that could move ore up a 40˚ slope with a peak capacity of 5,200 tons per hour decreasing or eliminating the need for haul trucks. MagneMotion met this goal with an LSM system that hauls nearly 100,000 tons in a 19 hour day and can greatly reduce operating costs including the cost of energy, labor and maintenance.

Key Features and Advantages

• Fewer haul trucks and drivers lead to improved safety in the pit
• Lower diesel emissions for improved air quality
• Operating cost savings estimate .25/ton
• Replaces 4- 5 haul trucks at 700’ vertical lift
• Extensible and improved economics as pit gets deeper
• Eliminate the need for additional crushing required with other conveyance systems
• Reliable technology with low maintenance
• Quick recovery of capital as petroleum costs rise
• Capable of moving ore and waste in batches



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