Industry Solutions

Intelligent conveyor systems for industry

Using technology advances to increase control and production efficiency

Globalization and intense competition require manufacturing and industrial operations to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, delivering products of repeatable quality, that are customized to meet demand.

In the plant or production environment, this means that equipment has to be modern, data-rich, fast and simple to operate. When it comes to transporting and positioning loads, MagneMotion has the answer.

Learn more about our solutions, and how they improve productivity across industrial applications.


Speed cycle times and assemble multiple products on the same line

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Food and Beverage

Optimize production efficiency and flexibility

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Material Handling

Increase throughput for payloads of every size

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Life Sciences

Simplify serialization and increase throughput

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MagneMotion’s independent moving cart technology

Moving transport forward

Independent moving cart technology is the foundation for new, intelligent transport systems with scalable, distributed architectures that can safely and efficiently manage many vehicles simultaneously. Key features include:

  • Independent position, speed and acceleration control of each product on the line
  • Intelligent management of traffic flow for maximum throughput
  • Distributed communication between control modules for exceptional scalability
  • Built-in self-diagnostics and troubleshooting for fast identification of malfunctions

The result? Higher throughput and more production agility, enabling you to meet consumer demand more precisely at lower costs.

Meeting the need in manufacturing assembly

Discover how MagneMotion simplifies multiple product assembly

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Meeting the need in manufacturing assembly
Mail order pharmacy increases throughput by 40%

Mail order pharmacy increases throughput by 40%

Read how MagneMotion revolutionized operations for Tension Packaging

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