A Breakthrough in Fast, Flexible Motion Control

Revolutionizing Motion Control

iTRAK is a revolutionary new approach to motion control that dispenses with traditional mechanics and motor control, enabling the independent control of multiple, magnetically-propelled movers on straight and curved paths. Using iTRAK, machine and equipment builders can customize machines more easily, reduce mechanical complexity, and deliver higher performance.

Improve reliability

Fewer moving parts than conventional systems, meaning less maintenance and downtime, and the opportunity for lower labour costs

Modular and scalable

Thousands of possible design configurations using standardised products tailored to your specific application and to minimize floor space

Simple integration

Standard industrial communication protocols and software-configured move profiles for fast and easy changeovers

Increase throughput and flexibility

Precision control and intelligent motion optimize vehicle efficiency and speed, enabling speeds up to 10x conventional machines without sacrificing flexibility


Independent Cart Technology Brochure

Increase machine flexibility and throughput to enhance overall productivity with Independent Cart Technology.


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