MagneMover LITE

Fast, controlled, flexible motion

Fast, precise movement, positioning and tracking of small, light loads

MagneMover LITE is an intelligent and affordable transport system specifically designed to move light loads quickly and efficiently. MM LITE outperforms conventional belt and chain conveyors for OEM/in-machine applications and for demanding motion requirements, delivering new levels of process optimization and throughput.

Intelligent motion

Accurate positioning (no hard stops), bi-directional travel, smooth motion and continuous carrier tracking and reporting

Process optimization

Simulation and configuration tools simplify system design and optimization

Simple integration

Standard industrial communication protocols and software-configured move profiles for fast and easy changeovers

Complete traceability

Know the unique ID of each carrier and where it is at all times, with priority routing, and reporting for audit trailtion


Independent Cart Technology Brochure

Increase machine flexibility and throughput to enhance overall productivity with Independent Cart Technology.


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