Transportation Systems


MagneMotion’s efforts in Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) transportation have focused on the research and development of the Company's proprietary propulsion and control technology for use in Maglev, LSM rail, Personal Rapid Transit, and Automated People Movers. This intelligent control system has precise position sensing and efficient propulsion controls which move vehicles on specified routes and prevent collisions. MagneMotion’s technology offers the transportation industry a faster, more efficient and cost effective solution.

Key Features and Advantages of LSM Transport

  • Decreased operational costs
  • No catenary or third rail
  • Lower stray magnetic field than alternative electro-magnetic systems
  • Propulsion power can be optimized based on vehicle traffic and thrust requirements
  • Efficient acceleration and deceleration for shorter trip time
  • Anti-collision feature of the control system allowing, safe and efficient system utilization
  • Higher density of vehicles for shorter wait time
  • Lower operating costs due to automated control and solid state design
  • Braking does not rely on friction
  • Electronic propulsion minimizes environmental impact
Linear Synchronous Motor Transportation
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Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) Maglev transportation for urban transit